The FARMcurious Store has everything you need to get growing in your backyard, rooftop, rural or urban homestead.

Handmade Clay Seed Starter

Beautiful, handmade seed starter that allows the roots of seedlings to absorb water efficiently.

$ 45.00 $ 40.00

Hanging Garden Grow Bags

Take advantage of your small space and grow vertically.

$ 22.00 From $ 16.00

Urban Gardening Bag

An urban farmer's dream! These grow-bags are easy to lift and move and help prevent common issues of growing in pots like rot and root-bound plants.

From $ 4.00

Ratcheting Hand Pruner

These pruners make even the toughest pruning job a cinch!

$ 29.00

Telescopic Ratcheting Lopper

Pruning is so much easier, thanks to this tool's ratcheting gears and long reach.

$ 79.00 $ 60.00

Handmade Trellis Topper

Makes easy and beautiful trellises for pole beans and climbing plants.

$ 20.00

Italian Terra Cotta Seed Sprouter

Beautiful, handmade, four-tiered seed sprouter.

$ 60.00 Unavailable

Ceramic Garden Toadstools

Add some fun to your garden with these ceramic toadstools--kids love them!

$ 20.00

Gift Card / Gift Certificate

The ideal gift for the urban homesteader in your life.

From $ 25.00

Groundbreaking Food Gardens - Book by Niki Jabbour

This book profiles creative and unique gardens that are fun, productive, and perfectly suited to their gardeners!

$ 19.95