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The FARMcurious Fermenting Set

Vegetable Fermentation Made Easy:

No Mold, No Slime, No Hassle

Ferment any produce in a Mason jar in three easy steps!

Here's why you'll love the FARMcurious Fermenting Set:

Fermenting is easy,

but why not make it even easier?

No Mold

As the natural process of fermentation occurs, carbon dioxide will form and will push any lingering oxygen out of the jar through the airlock. Because the airlock prevents oxygen from reentering, a completely anaerobic environment is created inside the jar, perfect for the development of beneficial bacteria but hostile to the growth of mold, slime, or yeast.

No Smell

We love the complex flavor of fermented vegetables, but may not want the whole kitchen smelling of that funky goodness. Smelly little bubbles are slowed down by the airlock keeping odors at bay.

No Burping or Babysitting

Because carbon dioxide can escape out of the airlock system, there is no need to constantly check jars or open them to release the gas. Just set the jar in the back of your pantry and walk away.

Make Any Amount You Like

The smallest crocks are usually one gallon, which can be a lot of fermented vegetables to eat, especially if you end up with something you don't love. Because our set fits on to any size wide-mouth Mason jar, you can even make tiny test batches so that you can sample new foods.

Three easy steps to fermented goodness!

  1. Add chopped produce to any wide-mouth Mason jar.

  1. Pour salt-water solution over the produce

  1. Attach the FARMcurious Fermenting Set and leave on your counter for 3-6 weeks.

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