Mason Jar Fermenting Weights
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If you love fermenting food in jars, these handy weights are for you!

Handmade in Oakland, these porcelain weights are designed to weigh down your fermenting vegetables so they stay under the brine. Unglazed lead-free non-porous ceramic, resists stains and is dishwasher safe.

Choose your size in the options:

 - Single or set of 2 Wide Mouth Quart size  (2.75 inch diameter)                
 - Set of 2 Narrow Mouth any size (2.25 inch diameter) - 
 - Single (2 halves) Wide Mouth ½ Gallon (3.75 inch diameter)

The weights of each are approximately as follows:

 - Wide Mouth Quart (single) - 3.5oz

 - Narrow Mouth (single) - 2 oz

 - Half Gallon (2 halves) - 8.1 oz

Weight your shredded home fermented foods like kraut. Read more about weighting fermenting vegetables here.

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