Unicorn Cheese Press Release

Posted on Friday, June 23, 2017 | By Nicole Easterday |
Unicorn Cheese - mozzarella, naturally-colored

OAKLAND, California, June 23, 2017 -- FARMcurious presents a class on crafting ‘unicorn mozzarella’ from scratch using natural ingredients.

Oakland urban homesteading company brings the unicorn food trend back to its natural origins with a hands-on workshop on crafting colored cheese using healthful, food-based ingredients.

On Sunday, August 16th in Emeryville, California, students will gather to learn the time-honored craft of cheesemaking then take it to a playful new level by creating food-based dyes from scratch and applying them to the freshly made cheese to make ‘unicorn cheese’. Tickets can be purchased on the FARMcurious website here.  

“The unicorn trend honestly seemed a little disgusting to me because of all the dyes and added ingredients but I thought it would be fun to get a similar effect using natural ingredients to color the cheese” said Nicole Easterday, founder of the FARMcurious. “Really, I wanted to have some fun with the mozzarella-making class I’ve been teaching the same way for about six years and this seems like a great way to liven it up.”

Adeline Waugh is widely credited for starting the unicorn food trend with her unicorn toast, colored with natural food-based ingredients but it has since gone downhill, reaching the apex of fake food with Starbucks’ unicorn frappucino. The Unicorn Cheese class, taught in a chic, bright loft in a refurbished factory in Emeryville, CA, starts each small group of students with a glass of rosé and a pot of milk, taking them on a whirlwind journey detailing the complex chemistry of cheesemaking and pairing it with some fun cultural history.

Unicorn Cheese CurdsStudents will not only learn to master mozzarella, but will also learn to color it unicorn-style, creating their own beautiful colors from common household foods like beets, parsley, turmeric and more. “I want people to laugh and see that it’s playful and then take the class and see how seriously we take DIY food.

If nothing else, maybe it’s a very clever way to sneak some vegetables into your kids’ food, “ suggests Easterday. Easterday doesn’t know what food trend she will conquer next but in the meantime, she’s adding unicorn cheese to everything from grilled cheese to baked pasta.

FARMcurious is an Oakland, CA-based company designed to educate, inspire and equip people who would like to reconnect with their food and where it comes from. They offer public and private cheesemaking classes in Emeryville, the private homes of food-lovers and as company team-building experiences. They also sell cheesemaking, fermenting and other DIY food kits on their website.

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