Preserving 101: Canning & Drying Tomatoes, Oakland

Posted on Friday, May 09, 2014 | By Alycia Lang |
Tomatoes are here!!  September might as well be tomato month - it's the month we've eaten all the fresh tomatoes we can stand and need to find a way to put them up for winter use. This class will cover all the canning and drying basics as we preserve a gigantic tomato harvest.  We'll chop, chop, chop, cook, can and dry to our heart's content, showing you tips and tricks along the way to be a successful and happy preserver of all things good and delicious. You're learn how to select the best tomatoes from the market (and find deals!) then use safe water bath canning methods to save your harvest for summer. We'll discuss what happens during water bath canning, how to do it safely and include tips and tricks to speed up your process using best practices and work flow. Attendees go home with a sampling of what we make that day - usually some canned diced tomatoes and tomato sauce but this varies from class to class. Buy two tickets and receive a 10% discount!
Supplies Required:  None required but you'll have the option of purchasing a canning starter kit including essential canning tools such as a hot jar lifter, magnetic lid grabber, funnel and more.
Limit: 16 people Location:  This class is held at 247 Marlow Drive in the historic Sheffield Village, a safe and friendly neighborhood in Oakland (2 miles from BART but with ample parking). Cancellation Policy:  Please see our cancellation policy here.