Results for the Eat Real Raffle!

Posted on Monday, September 26, 2011 | By Nicole Easterday |
Thanks so much to everyone who came to our Eat Real Fest booth and participated in our drawing!  We had an amazing time meeting and talking to all of your and handed out hundreds of raffle tickets for our giveaway are are so excited about the drawing. Thanks especially to those of you who posted comments and photos to Twitter - the social media love was spectacular and let's face it- we were way too busy to do our own tweeting! Here are some photos posted by some of our Twitter followers along with the results of the raffle: Without further ado.... DRUMROLL PLEASE.... The winning numbers are: 436571 436596 If one of those numbers is yours, please email us at or call us at 510.410.3761.  We'll ask you to send us a photo of your raffle ticket or to mail it to us as proof.  You'll have until 6pm pacific on Tuesday, September 27th to let us know you'll be claiming your prize - a mozzarella making kit or a copy of the book Barnyard in your Backyard. If the prizes aren't claimed by the deadline, we'll draw two more numbers on Wednesday, September 26th and try again for a winner so be sure to check back if we didn't choose your number this time around!