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Out of nowhere - HARVEST!

Everyone has been talking about how late their tomatoes are this year, how thick the aphids, how persistent the winter and spring rains.

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Putting up, in all its forms

I have fond memories of my great-grandmother pulling dusty jars with rusty-looking lids out of the basement. I don't remember watching her can or having a large enough garden to mass produce those dusty jars, so for all I know they were canned in a time before I was alive, but I remember the jars vividly.

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How very continental

I pride myself on making delicious healthful food and feeding those in my nearest vicinity. So you can imagine my shock when my honey, who has been working really hard the last few weeks on launching a big project at work, told me that he's been picking up breakfast at Starbucks every morning.

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This week at the market - peaches & nectarines!

I'm the foodie in the family, by which I mean I'm the one who thinks about what I'll eat for breakfast before I even open my eyes in the morning. While I'm eating breakfast, my mind is going to lunch and what wonders I might encounter there.

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The accidental leftover queen

I just ate the most amazing dish and I'm so overwhelmed that I have to share it. Incredibly, it was a meal made entirely of leftovers from my fridge with the addition of one backyard farm egg and a dash of salt.

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Growing potatoes vertically

Urban gardeners have plenty of things to worry about, not the least of which are pests, sunlight, soil and access to supplies. There's one complaint that trumps them all, though, and that's space.

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When processing food, it's the toys that matter!

The Saturday of Independence Day Weekend this year shall hereto forward be known as the great jam day! After all the corn was processed and safely put away in the freezer I turned my focus to jam and preserves.

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Sometimes I eat too...

It's true that I've been yapping about preserving the harvest, blah, blah, blah, but sometimes you just want to eat the stuff. Berries are in season now and, yes, it's good to put some away for the winter when you'll really miss them, but we shouldn't forget to stuff some in our mouths now while they're fresh and at their prime.

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Preserving Fresh Corn on the Cob

Preserving fresh ears of corn for winter use. Preserving the harvest.

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