Learn to Make Fresh Chèvre with this Instructional Video

Posted on Thursday, April 09, 2020 | By Nicole Easterday |
Learn to make fresh chèvre at home

Cheesemaking is easy and fun to do at home! 

Our urban homesteading classes on DIY life in Berkeley have been shuttered during the shelter-in-place so I'm spending time making videos to show you how to do it at home. Please be sure to subscribe to our channel on YouTube, like and share this video! It really helps our analytics and encourages me to make more videos!

Learn to make homemade fresh chèvre from scratch with Nicole Easterday at FARMcurious, American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional.

This 30 minute video is based on content from one of my most popular in-person classes and demonstrates how to make easy goat cheese using store-bought (or fresh!) milk in five easy steps. I use a science-based approach to talk about why we do what we do rather than just presenting a basic recipe. You'll have quick cheese with only 8 minutes of active time, fully ready to eat in 24 hours! 

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