Give the Gift of Self-Reliance

Posted on Thursday, December 18, 2014 | By Nicole Easterday |
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Every year as the holidays roll around, many of us are faced with the same dilemma: do we keep buying our loved ones things they might not need and that may end up sitting around and cluttering their house?  We want to show our friends and family we care about them, but we also want our gifts to be useful, not just something else that gets shoved in a closet or returned (or even re-gifted!).  So many of us have too much stuff already, and often not enough space to accommodate it all.

Wouldn't it be great to give your friends and family something that they would use not just once but continue to use for years to come?  What if that gift could also inspire them to learn new skills, rekindle lost traditions, and live in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way?

Encourage a connection to something larger. 

Instead, get inspired and create! Photo: FARMcurious

At FARMcurious, we define an urban homesteader as anyone interested in forging a connection to their food, one that many of us living in cities have lost. Fostering this connection, whether it be through keeping backyard chickens, growing a garden, or learning to ferment, can, and preserve food, creates so much more than delicious, wholesome things to eat (although it definitely makes that happen!).  When we become involved in the process of growing and making our own food, we begin to waste less, to become more joyful and creative in the kitchen, and to feel empowered by our ability to feed and nourish ourselves and our families.

This holiday season, we invite you to reconsider what you can give as a gift. Inspire them!

Of course, you can give something your friends will enjoy and appreciate, but what if you could give them something that inspired them? That empowered them to start changing the way they see their food and its effect on how we live? FARMcurious is here to equip you with the tools you need to get started on your urban homesteading journey, but the real gift comes from what you can do with those tools.

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Check out our inspired gift guides.

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Give an experience!

Our classes also make great gifts--more experiences, less stuff! And gift certificates for classes and products are available for email delivery right up to December 24th. *Please note: FARMcurious will be closed starting at noon on 12/19 through 12/26 and will not be shipping any packages during this time. But!...we will be sending gift certificates by email every day except 12/25.