Stocking Stuffers for the Curious

Posted on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 | By Alycia Lang |
You may need Sasquatch-sized stockings once you look at this list! We have tons of little treats to tuck into a stocking or tie on top of a present and give your favorite urban homesteaders a little something extra. A few of these and you just may get some homemade or homegrown goodies as a thank you! Mason Jar Chick Feeder250 carrot ferment1 Photo Sep 15, 1 49 00 PM purpleglove Photo Dec 08, 10 23 08 AM For The Dairy Queen (and King!) In Your Life: Cheesemaking SpoonBulgarian Yogurt Culture-$5.95 Why spend loads of money on store bought yogurt when making your own is so easy? Kefir Starter Culture-$5.95 Find our why kefir is called "the champagne of dairy products!" Cheese Wax-$8.00 This wax will protect your cheeses as they age. Cheese Stretching Gloves-$15.00 You'll never burn your fingers stretching mozzarella again!  Dairy Thermometer-$8.00 Temperature accuracy is a must for precise cheese making. Skimmer/Cheese Stirring Spoon-$15.00 Perfect for stirring your cheese, you can also use this skimmer for stocks or jams. Fermenting Weights   When You Want To Get Creative In The Kitchen: Canning Starter Kit-$15.00 No time like the present to get started canning! This basic kit will get you all set up. FARMcurious Fermenting Set-$26.00 Fermenting couldn't be easier with this no hassle, no worry set. Mason Jar Fermenting Weights-$14.00-$22.00 Available in wide-mouth, narrow-mouth, and even half gallon sizes! Canning Lid Rack-$15.00 Up your canning game with this handy tool. endurance-spice-spoons-300Tattler Reusable Canning Lids-$3.00-$11.00 Stop throwing away jar lids with these reusable, BPA-free canning lids! Spice Measuring Spoons-$15.00 Narrow spoons fit perfectly into spice bottles.   For Keeping Your Backyard Chickens Happy: Chicken Crack Treats-$14.95 Treat your chickens with love, give them a snack they can't resist! Chicken Crack250Organic Nesting Herbs-$14.49 A must for happy hens. Stylish Ceramic Egg Holder-$15.00 No more trying to collect used egg cartons, store your backyard bounty with style. Egg Cleansing Towelettes-$14.00 With one swipe, your eggs will be clean and shiny. Ceramic Egg-$6.00 Encourage your hens to lay in their nesting boxes, not hide eggs all over the garden. Mason Jar Chick Feeder-$4.95 Perfect for baby chicks, fits with any Mason jar. Mason Jar Chick Waterer-$4.95 Matches the Mason jar feeder! lb-womansproratchetpruneropen   Make Gardening A Joy With These Gifts: Wildflower Seed Bombs - $8.00 Grow wildflowers to help save the bees - beautiful and bee-friendly. Ratcheting Pruner-$29.00 Just because you have smaller hands, doesn't mean you have to give up pruning power. Ceramic Toadstool-$10.00 Make your garden fun and lively with these cute handmade toadstools. Hudson Valley Seed Packs-$9.00 (set of three) Worth it for the art on the packages alone! 12" Trowel-$8.49 A sturdy planting shovel from transplanting seedlings or digging up weeds. Ca Native Plants Postcards 2CA Native Plant Postcards-$20.00 (set of 12) Share the natural beauty of our state with anyone you write to.   Crazy About Mason Jars? So are we! DOSE Pour-Over Coffee/Tea Set for Mason Jars-$18.00 Eco-coffee and tea drinking heaven! ReCap Mason Jar Pour Cap-$7.99 Use a Mason jar for storing salad dressing, beverages, or even dry goods. ReCap Mason Jar Pump Cap-$7.00 Turn a regular Mason jar into a cute soap or lotion pump. Glass Staw both sizes 250Glass Straw Set with Mason Jar Tumbler-$6.00-$18.00 No more throwing out plastic straws!   Be The Most Stylish Homesteader On The Block: I FARM Oakland Shirt-$20.00 Show your urban farming pride! I FARM SF Shirt-$20.00 Same awesome message, San Francisco edition. Bella Oak Dark Front500FARMcurious Apron-$18.00 Get FARMcurious, but keep your clothes clean with this sturdy cotton apron! "I pickled that" Tea Towel-$12.00 This towel says it all. Permaculture Playing Cards-$21.50 Each of these 54 cards shows a different permaculture concept. California Flour Sack Towel-$10.00 This vintage-printed towel is a favorite. Farmers Market Notecards-$20.00 Send your holiday notes on these cute handmade cards.