Fermentation Vessels

Posted on Sunday, July 06, 2014 | By Alycia Lang |
Lactofermentation can be done in almost any type of vessel. Here are some options: Traditional Crock: The traditional way to ferment is in a large crock. The produce is submerged under a brine and held down by a weight. The brine keeps the produce safe under the salt solution but anything that floats to the surface will fall prey to mold, which needs to be skimmed regularly from the top. A mesh cover should be secured over the top to keep out flies or other pests. Airlock System: The FARMcurious Fermenting Set is an example of an airlock set which attaches to the top of any size mason jar. The airlock with a water barrier allows the carbon dioxide produced during fermentation to escape but keeps yeast and mold from the environment from spoiling your creation. Because this is a closed system it reduces the chances of yeast and mold entering your food and takes out the yuck factor.