Thankful Thursday Week 1

Posted on Friday, November 08, 2013 | By Nicole Easterday |
Veggie Basket500 UPDATE: Congratulations to this week's winner, Jennifer Stephens from Bloomington, IL. She won this stunning fermenting crock from the FARMcurious store! Don't despair if you didn't win - you still have four more weeks to enter and as many opportunities to win what you pine after. Visit the current giveaway page here to enter. It's impossible to miss all the people who are participating in Thankful November posting on Facebook. Every day, I see a new list of reasons many of my friends are grateful - their children, their family, their job, technology, etc. I like the sentiment and it got me thinking about some things for which I'm thankful. Right now my family's in a good place, our son has entered the cutest stage we've seen yet and life is pretty swell. There's one big, huge, giant thing that's different than normal though. This business is working. At long last, it's really working! The media is paying attention, our custom product line is growing, our orders are up and classes are nearly sold out through April!! And it's all because of you guys - those of you who listen to my banter on Facebook, who check out the new products, who attend our workshops, visit us at festivals and make purchases online. Your generous support over the years was the reason that I was finally able to leave my day job and give this business the attention it deserves. And for that...I AM EVER SO GRATEFUL. In the spirit of gratitude, it occurred to me that a product giveaway is long overdue. I was thinking it would be really fun to take my gratitude and compound it with your gratitude to turn this giveaway into something bigger than itself. Plus, I want you to win the things YOU want to win. Read on... --Nicole Each Thursday from November 21st to December 19th, we're going to give away a product as an expression of our gratitude. Here's how you enter:
  • Create a Pinterest board; name it something along the lines of "Things I want" or "Love to have"
  • Pin at least four things from the FARMcurious product line that you wish you had, like this. Tag them each with #FCThankful.
  • Post a comment on this blog post describing a person in your life for whom you are supremely grateful - tell us why and make it convincing. Include a link to your Pinterest board.
  • Do all this by 5pm pacific time on Wednesday night. We'll choose & announce winners and prizes each Thursday.
  • Feel free to re-enter each week by posting at least four additional products to your board.
Alternative ways to win: Pinterest isn't really your thing? That's okay. You can also use:

Facebook - Link to this blog post on Facebook and tag @FARMcurious. Be sure to comment on the post about the person for whom you are most grateful to qualify for the giveaway. You'll also want to post FARMcurious products to Facebook so we know what prizes you prefer.

Twitter - click here to tweet about this post then tweet about at least four FARMcurious products. Write about the person for who are are grateful in the blog comments below and include your Twitter handle.

So what are the prizes? This is what makes the giveaway so fun! You choose your own prizes by pinning or posting the things you want the most from the FARMcurious store. Be sure to list a variety of things you really want in a variety of price ranges. We'll be basing the size of our giveaway each week on the number of entries we receive (so encourage your friends to participate!) and the amount of our sales that week. Some fine print: Because of our shipping cost, we're unable to include some larger items in the giveaway. You can still pin them but we won't be able to send things like the deluxe beer-making kit, vinegar barrels, etc. Thanks for understanding. Stainless Steel Straws PackagedStainless Steel Straws Packaged