Small garden tips and a book giveaway

Posted on Sunday, April 15, 2012 | By Alycia Lang |
Golden Gate Gardening 3rd Edition
My very favorite Bay Area gardening book is Golden Gate Gardening, a work of genius written by Pam Peirce.  I love the book so much that when I speak to serious SF Bay Area gardeners and find that they don't own it I'm shocked.  I reference it anytime I plant something new and frequently before harvesting a new crop.  If you're growing veggies here in our climate, I consider it a must-have, which is why I'm going to give one away this month. Here's why you need Golden Gate Gardening:  The climate in the San Francisco Bay area is unlike any other in the US.  If you've ever tried to plant in your Bay Area garden based on the advice on the back of a seed packet, you might have an idea of why a book like this could be helpful.  Not only does the book list important things to know about seed germination, area-specific pests and harvest tips, it also details when to plant for our area and lists varieties the author has found to be successful here. Here's how to win it:  All you have to do is leave a comment to this post with your most compelling garden question, best Bay Area gardening tip, funniest/strangest garden story, favorite gardening old wives' tale or anything else you think might amuse/delight us. Comment as many times as you like in as many of the above topics as you please and we'll choose one winning comment from the batch.  More comments obviously give you more opportunities to win the prize. We'll accept entries through Monday, April 30th at 6pm pacific and we'll announce the winner on Tuesday, May 1st. Thanks for playing and good luck!