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The FARMcurious store sells products and kits to educate, inspire and equip people interested in reconnecting with and learning about their food and its origins.

Homemade Yogurt & Labneh, a Follow-Along Virtual Event (FAVE) - Sun, May 17th, 11am

Learn to make the best possible homemade yogurt with science backed details that will ensure your yogurt has the texture of the pros. I'll also show you how to make labneh, a Lebanese delicacy used much like hummus.

From $ 35.00

Making Ricotta, a Follow-Along Virtual Event (FAVE) - Sat, May 9th,11am

Learn to make fresh ricotta in the comfort of your own home with simple ingredients and basic kitchen tools. I use a science-based approach to talk about why we do what we do rather than just presenting a basic recipe.

From $ 40.00

Homemade Fermented Beverages, a Follow-Along Virtual Event (FAVE) - Sat May 16th, 11am

Learn to make kombucha, ginger beer, cultured whey sodas, and vinegar shrub drinks from scratch with a discussion on flavors that will invigorate your creativity and give you and your family the satisfaction of enjoying beautifully crafted libations that are unique, delicious, and filled with health promoting probiotics.

From $ 40.00

Free Video Instructional - Making Crème Fraîche at Home

Learn to make crème fraîche with FARMcurious. We walk you through each step, including important facts about ingredients, interesting cheese science, plus tips and tricks.

From $ 1.00

Making Fresh Chèvre & Fromage Blanc at Home, a Follow-Along Virtual Event (FAVE) - Fri, May 8

Learn to make easy goat cheese (fresh chèvre) and fromage blanc (from cow's milk) using store-bought (or fresh!) milk in five easy steps. I use a science-based approach to talk about why we do what we do rather than just presenting a basic recipe. You'll have quick cheese with only 8 minutes of active time, fully ready to eat in 24 hours!

From $ 25.00

Crafting Brie & Camembert at Home, a Multi-Day Follow-Along Virtual Event (FAVE) - May 23-24

Learn to craft some of the most decadent cheese the world has to offer. Brie & camembert seem like magical cheeses but they're actually some of the easiest to make at home with very little special equipment required. We'll show you how in this two-day class, complete with edible homework.

From $ 15.00

Itty Bitty Measuring Spoons - 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 tsp

The perfect measuring spoon set for small-batch cheesemaking! Accurately dispense a 'smidgen' (1/32 tsp), 'pinch' (1/16 tsp) or 'dash' (1/8 tsp)” of cultures.

$ 15.00

Mascarpone & Burrata (plus Mozzarella) Cheesemaking Kit

These delicious Italian cheeses are favorites among both cheese lovers and cooks. Burrata is a tender pouch of mozzarella-like cheese filled with a creamy curd.

$ 29.00

Seed Saver's Exchange Seeds

Check out our selection of seeds from Seed Saver's Exchange and get your victory garden growing!

$ 2.75

Cheese Form – Heart Shape

Adorable heart-shaped form for shaping and draining small batches of your favorite homemade cheese. Perfect for draining brie or camembert, feta, gouda, cheddar - anything! You can even use it for shaping fresh chèvre.

$ 12.95

Cheese Form – Valencay

Create your own Valencay-shaped cheese at home. Perfect for shaping Valencay, bloomy styles and even fresh chèvre.

$ 12.95

Making Farm Fresh Cultured Butter, a Follow-Along Virtual Event (FAVE) June 5 & 7

Learn to make the butter you remember from your childhood. There's nothing like freshly-made butter crafted from scratch with your own hands. It's easy to do in your kitchen with heavy cream and very few special tools.

From $ 18.00