to educate, inspire and equip the urban homesteader


About FARMcurious

FARMcurious is a company designed to educate, inspire and equip urban homesteaders with an interest in producing their own food, reducing their ecological footprint and eating seasonally and sustainably without abandoning their urban lifestyles.

Urban homesteading means something different to everyone but the movement arose in part from the growing separation between people and the food we eat.  FARMcurious hopes to encourage people to relearn the skills of home food production and preservation for the sake of life balance, health, eco-friendliness and flavor without having to completely abandon their urban lifestyle. By learning one step at a time, it’s easier than you might imagine!

Our Team

Nicole Easterday

Photo by Alisha Peterson-Irwin

Photo by Alisha Peterson-Irwin

FARMcurious was founded by Nicole Kramer Easterday of Oakland, California.  Nicole is an urban farmer who teaches urban homesteading classes and offers DIY food demonstrations at the homes of urbanites hoping to reconnect with their food.  Each demonstration includes an explanation of why a connection with our food is important, instruction on how to rekindle that connection and innovative products to help get the group started growing and processing their own food at home in an urban environment.

Nicole has been growing vegetables in an urban setting for six years and is constantly discovering new ways to grow more food in compact spaces. Having kept chickens as a child, she now tends a small flock in her backyard in Oakland.  As part of her urban homesteading lifestyle, Nicole runs FARMcurious, tends to the garden and animals and grows much of her family’s own produce. She also crafts her own cheese and cans & ferments seasonal produce in addition to being mom to the best tiny farmer in the world.

Tali Biale

Tali first fell in love with food while living in Bologna, Italy, where she learned that eating delicious meals with people you love is one of life’s greatest joys.  After two years as a pastry chef at Union Square Cafe in Manhattan, and desperate to escape the humid New York summer, she left the fine dining world to work on a farm in Vermont’s White River Valley.

The farming bug bit Tali hard and she went on to spend the next three years growing vegetables, milking goats, making cheese, and throwing hay on farms in both Vermont and New York’s Adirondack State Park.  After a brief return to Brooklyn and a year of wandering the globe, she is thrilled to finally come home to the Bay Area and start a new chapter in her food and farm adventures with FARMcurious. Tali’s favorite things in life are woodstoves, goats, maple syrup, and cooking soup for her friends.


Melissa Rae Lopez

Fueled by unbmelissa headshotridled curiosity and a passion for food, Melissa is a content marketer and writer excited to rally people together around

thoughtful eating. She has worked in the organic food industry, handled marketing for women-owned small businesses, traveled back and forth across the Atlantic as a traveling au pair, and is always on the hunt to learn something new. When she’s not working on online marketing campaigns, she’s often found hunched over her stovetop, doodling in her sketchpad, or spending time enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


Ruben Moncado

RubenRuben is the face you’re likely to see if you attend one of our workshops or classes. A contractor by trade, he’s also a longtime home gardener, fermenter, mead-maker, DIY enthusiast and all-around fun guy. He’s also passionate about music and knows everyone! Once you meet him, you’ll understand why.



Corporate Events & Private Parties

Nicole Easterday, the owner of FARMcurious, hosts team-building and corporate entertainment events for businesses in the SF Bay Area. From cheesemaking to fermentation, we offer a range of events that would be perfect for your company’s next get-together. We’ve done events for Genentech, AirBnb, SeatMe and more. Please contact us for options, availability and pricing at 510.410.3761 or

Press Inquiries: or 510.877.9955