to educate, inspire and equip the urban homesteader



Organic products and inspiration to help your edible landscape bloom.



Kits, equipment and ingredients for lacto-fermentation plus brewing wine, beer, vinegar and more.



Join a small group of eager students and a knowledgeable instructor to pick up a new skill – learn cheesemaking, brewing, fermenting, keeping backyard chickens and more.



Unique tools and supplies for preserve the harvest through canning, drying, fermenting and other time-honored methods.



A collection of useful, whimsical and beautiful items to help you live a more sustainable, earth-friendly existence. Pick up supplies for your backyard beasts here as well.



Kits, ingredients, books and more to boost your cheesemaking addiction.


FARMcurious is Hiring a Marketing Professional

Email us if you’re interested at We hope to close the application process on May 15th. JOB DESCRIPTION FARMcurious LLC is a fast-growing start-up providing education, inspiration and equipment for makers, urban farmers and kitchen crafters. This is a great opportunity for a creative fast-learner and multi-tasker to see what it takes to build a… more

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Best Goat Cheese Ever

Best Goat Cheese Ever

I’ve been teaching cheesemaking classes for several years now and I find time after time that the fresh handmade chevre (goat cheese) is the thing people can’t stop raving about. Not only is it adored by goat cheese lovers, it’s been known to win the hearts and minds of erstwhile goat cheese-haters in my classes…. more

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Earth Day Event: New Life for Old Stuff

  Homesteading Is About Creating Less Waste FARMcurious is a small company. We don’t have a huge warehouse and we often cart our small inventory of products around to various faires and events where we set up pop-up shops. As a result, boxes sometimes get dinged up or we’re left with items we used as displays or from… more

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Permaculture Design Series

Permaculture Garden

Enroll in our three-class series for a fuller understanding of permaculture and how you can use its principles in your urban homestead!

Mushroom Cultivation Worskhop

"9z- Mushrooms" by Leslie Seaton is licensed under CC

Learn to grow three types of edible mushrooms, build your own mushroom farm on-site and take it home!

Sunday, September 13, 2015 10am-12pm


Three Cheeses in Three Hours with Wine

Three Cheeses in Three Hours

Learn to make three distinct types of cheese (mozzarella, chevre & burrata) while you sample wine in this fast-paced, hands-on workshop help in Oakland, CA.

* July 12, 2015 11am-2pm

* July 19, 2015 11am-2pm


Sausage-Making Workshop

sausage 3

Learn the basics of sausage-making with simple projects you can do right in your own home

* Sat, June 27, 2015 10:30am-1pm