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Recipe: A Near Perfect Bacon Alternative With Only 3 Ingredients

I could say that this post is especially for all the vegetarians out there, but let’s be real – this one is for everyone because it’s about bacon. For most meat eaters, there is no substitute for the texture of the real thing. But I’m here to tell you that we may have found an alternative that scratches the bacon itch so well that even non vegetarians approve: Shiitake Bacon. The best part is it has only three ingredients! Last weekend I spent an afternoon with friend and chef extraordinaire Elena Shelton of Midway Bake House in Santa Barbara learning how to… more

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Our new favorite Mason jar lid!

  It’s no secret: we love Mason jars. We use them for just about everything, from canning and fermenting the spoils of our garden, to doubling as cups and tupperware. We love how sturdy and versatile they are, but there are a few things about Mason jars that can be more than annoying. Have you ever made a delicious jar of jam or pickles, stashed it away in your fridge, only to pull it out and find the lid rusted on and impossible to get off? Or thought you screwed the ring on tightly only to realize you definitely didn’t as you… more

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Welcome Alycia to the FARMcurious team!

We are excited to announce the addition of a new member of our team, Alycia Lang, who brings a love of food and farms along with an artistic eye and design sense. Alycia’s interest in farms and gardens began with her upbringing on her Northern California family ranch where she learned to appreciate nature’s bounty first-hand. In her adult life, her interest in marketing, photography and design has taken her to several major cities across the us where she’s worked with marketing and design teams in the music and tech industries. During the past several years, Alycia has taken time… more

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Best Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Homemade yogurt – you’re doing it wrong

One of the best birthday gifts I ever received arrived in a tiny plastic container, unlabeled and mysterious. A friend of mine had been a chef at Google when the infamous food scientist Harold McGee visited and brought along a batch of his homemade yogurt to share with the chefs. I was lucky enough to receive a little bit of this starter and Harold’s special science-based instructions. After ignoring it in the fridge for a few weeks (why is it that new things always seem so intimidating, not matter how easy you’d heard they’ve be?), I finally pulled out the… more

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FARMcurious is Hiring!

Would you like to work with a small team of food-loving self-starters on exciting new projects for a growing company (that’s us!)? FARMcurious is hiring a Marketing/Design Manager. JOB DESCRIPTION FARMcurious LLC is a fast-growing start-up providing education, inspiration and equipment for makers, urban farmers and kitchen crafters. This is a great opportunity for a creative fast-learner and multi-tasker to see what it takes to build a business from the ground up, learn about food-based DIY products and projects, and connect to the food craft community at large while they show off their already established marketing and design skills. We’re seeking a… more

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Probiotic potato salad with fermented vegetables makes a delicious summer picnic or BBQ recipe.

Recipe: Potato Salad with Fermented Vegetables

Potato Salad with Fermented Vegetables Classic potato salad mixed with fermented vegetables makes for a delicious summer barbecue or picnic side dish that everyone will love. Get creative and feel free to add whatever fermented veggies you have on hand for this probiotic take on a beloved warm weather dish. Ingredients: 3 lb potatoes 1.5 cups mayonnaise 1/2 cup fermented vegetables (Whatever you have will work! We like radishes, red peppers, carrots, broccoli, and cucumbers best.) 3 ribs celery 1 tsp chopped chives or red onions Small bunch flat-leaf parsley 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp ground black pepper 1/8 tsp mustard… more

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Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  This Father’s Day, treat Dad to a gift that reflects some of his best qualities: self-reliance, environmental stewardship, and straight-up good taste. (Read: Ditch the necktie and give him a gift that he’ll put to good use!) Whether that wonderful man in your life is an avid homebrewer, the family’s gastronaut, or the type who loves getting his hands dirty in the backyard, FARMcurious has something that will make him a happy man this Father’s Day. For the Gastronaut Sausage-Making Workshop (Sunday, June 27, 2015 | 10:30am – 1pm) – Just in time for summer BBQ season! Teach him… more

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Meet Our New Team Member Melissa!

Meet Melissa Rae Lopez Fueled by unbridled curiosity and a passion for food, Melissa is a content marketer and writer excited to rally people together around thoughtful eating. She has worked in the organic food industry, handled marketing for women-owned small businesses, traveled back and forth across the Atlantic as a traveling au pair, and is always on the hunt to learn something new. When she’s not working on online marketing campaigns, she’s often found hunched over her stovetop, doodling in her sketchpad, or spending time enjoying the beautiful outdoors. We are so thrilled to have her on the FARMcurious… more

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FARMcurious is Hiring a Marketing Professional

Email us if you’re interested at We hope to close the application process on May 15th. JOB DESCRIPTION FARMcurious LLC is a fast-growing start-up providing education, inspiration and equipment for makers, urban farmers and kitchen crafters. This is a great opportunity for a creative fast-learner and multi-tasker to see what it takes to build a business from the ground up, learn about food-based DIY products and projects, and connect to the food craft community at large. We’re seeking a part-time Marketing/Design Coordinator to join our foundational team and grow within the role as the company grows. This manager will be responsible… more

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Best Goat Cheese Ever

Best Goat Cheese Ever

I’ve been teaching cheesemaking classes for several years now and I find time after time that the fresh handmade chevre (goat cheese) is the thing people can’t stop raving about. Not only is it adored by goat cheese lovers, it’s been known to win the hearts and minds of erstwhile goat cheese-haters in my classes. Someone walks up to the cheese table, puts something they think might be ricotta on a cracker and falls in love with it just to find it’s made from goat’s milk!  The horror! Wait, this is actually pretty good. It’s the lightness and freshness that… more

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Earth Day Event: New Life for Old Stuff

  Homesteading Is About Creating Less Waste FARMcurious is a small company. We don’t have a huge warehouse and we often cart our small inventory of products around to various faires and events where we set up pop-up shops. As a result, boxes sometimes get dinged up or we’re left with items we used as displays or from a kit we no longer carry. Most big companies would quickly throw these products away or even donate them to a thrift store, but we see a need that’s more in line with our mission.   The Mission of FARMcurious Our mission to promote urban… more

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Sean Timberlake

Fulfill Your New Year’s Resolutions with Kits & Classes

Resolve to Learn Urban Homesteading Skills In Our Classes No matter what your New Years resolutions were, we think 2015 is a great year to try your hand at learning some new food skills! Whether you want to learn the basics of cheesemaking, fermenting, and meat curing or take your skills to the next level, we’ve got a class for you. Check out our schedule and reserve your spot now–these classes will fill up quickly!   Meat+Salt+Time=Delicious Homemade duck breast prosciutto, pancetta, and bacon? Yes, please! Learn the basics of meat curing from Punk Domestics’ very own Sean Timberlake. He’ll even show how to fashion… more

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Give the Gift of Self-Reliance

Every year as the holidays roll around, many of us are faced with the same dilemma: do we keep buying our loved ones things they might not need and that may end up sitting around and cluttering their house?  We want to show our friends and family we care about them, but we also want our gifts to be useful, not just something else that gets shoved in a closet or returned (or even re-gifted!).  So many of us have too much stuff already, and often not enough space to accommodate it all. Wouldn’t it be great to give your… more

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FARMcurious Holiday Party called a “life-changer”

We knew it would be a fun afternoon, but we were blown away at our Holiday Party on Saturday! What an amazing group of DIY experts, aficionados and newbies, and all of them swapping ideas, stories and homemade creations. Who knows what will come out of this? Music Festival of DIY We had 3 classrooms with simultaneous workshops going. Cheesemaking or beer brewing? Cocktails or canning? The choices were tough, and some jumped back and forth between rooms to grab a little of everything.     Chris Opela from Oakland’s Brewmaster not only taught a session on the basics of homebrewing… more

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Stocking Stuffers for the Curious

You may need Sasquatch-sized stockings once you look at this list! We have tons of little treats to tuck into a stocking or tie on top of a present and give your favorite urban homesteaders a little something extra. A few of these and you just may get some homemade or homegrown goodies as a thank you!      For The Dairy Queen (and King!) In Your Life: Bulgarian Yogurt Culture-$5.95 Why spend loads of money on store bought yogurt when making your own is so easy? Kefir Starter Culture-$5.95 Find our why kefir is called “the champagne of dairy products!” Cheese… more

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