Viili Yogurt Starter Culture

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This culture has a 'best by' date of 8/2016. Get it now for 70% off and use right away! (Sorry, no returns)

This is a yogurt starter from Finland that cultures at room temperature so it couldn't be easier to make. The result is a mild, creamy yogurt that is fairly thick.

CULTURE INCLUDES: Organic milk, live active bacteria (Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremorisL. lactis subsp. lactis biovar. diacetylactisLeuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris)

YIELD: Each packet will activate 1-2 cups of milk.

DIRECTIONS: Stir one packet of culture into 1 cup of milk. Leave in a warm place (70-77 degrees F) for 12-18 hours, checking every few hours, until yogurt has reached desired consistency. Save a spoonful of yogurt to culture your next batch!

    Each box contains two packets of starter culture.

    We also offer: Greek Yogurt Culture, Vegan Yogurt Culture, and Bulgarian Yogurt Culture

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