Urban Gardening Bag
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Perfect root-pruning bag for urban farmers who need the flexibility of moving their crops to where the sun is!  Extra sturdy lightweight fabric hydroponic and soil grow bags with handles for easy lifting. The fabric construction allows for increased aeration, helping reduce problems associated with over watering, rot, and root-binding.  When filled, the bag will contour to the shape of the ground for extra stability. Great for container gardening tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and more!

The white color is excellent for delicate crops that don't like to be over-heated like lettuces and cole crops (broccoli, cauliflower, etc). Black bags are great for heat-loving plants like tomatoes, peppers and squash.

Reusable and foldable for easy storage.  

Why use a root-pruning bag?  In a normal container, roots grow outward until they reach the edge of the pot and then circle around the inside of the pot continually looking for fresh soil. Eventually, they are only touching other roots and don't have access to soil or water. This is what is meant by "root-bound". The Earth Juice bag has sturdy fabric walls so the roots try to grow through them - when they sense the sunlight, they are cut off at the tips. This may sound bad, but it actually signals for the plant to send out new, fresh roots at the base of the plant which then have access to soil in other parts of the pot, avoiding the problem of becoming root-bound. Don't worry, you never see roots coming through the bag - they don't make it that far.

How long will it last?  This is a sturdy, heavy-duty bag that we've used since 2010 in our yard.  Despite watering by our dogs and the constant abuse of an urban backyard, they are still strong and in great shape.  Handles are still firmly attached, etc.  You'll love this bag!

Another added bonus: Slugs and snails won't climb up the fabric sides of these bags, keeping your precious plants safe from these little critters!

Please note, the 10-gallon bag does not have handles.


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