The Ultimate Fermenting Kit
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$ 66.00

Everything you need to get started fermenting! Make your own delicious, probiotic, cultured foods and pickles using these simple tools. See why fermenting is THE hottest food trend!

Kit includes:

Fermented Vegetables Book

Beautifully illustrated with photographs detailing steps for mastering the process and recipes to make and use fermented foods.

Fermenting Weights

Set of 2 handmade fermenting weights that fit perfectly in any wide-mouth Mason jar to keep your vegetables submerged in their brine.

FARMcurious Fermenting Set 

Our fermenting lids with easy-to-use airlock are the perfect solution for mold-free, slime-free, and hassle-free fermenting! Set comes with two lids, two stoppers, two airlocks, and detailed instructions.

Gift Box

Add this adorable jute box and make this kit a perfect gift!

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