The All-Inclusive FARMcurious Fermenting Set With Jar
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$ 22.00

The All-Inclusive FARMcurious Fermenting Set With Jar is currently unavailable. Please check back again later, or contact us if you have any questions.

Ready to try your hand at fermenting? This kit makes it even easier to get started--you don't even need to go hunting for a jar! 

Ferment just about any vegetable in a mason jar in three easy steps.

No mold, no slime, no worries!

About the product:

The ideal solution for anyone who's a little creeped out by the fuzzy stuff that can grow on top of an open fermentation system (like a bucket or crock), this little set locks out the air and all the yeast and mold that come with it. Carbon dioxide escapes through the top of the airlock but nothing is allowed in.

Set Includes:

  • One fermenting lid (BPA-free & made in the USA)--choose from black or silver
  • One food-grade certified stopper
  • One airlock
  • One wide-mouth pint Mason jar
  • Instructions for using the set
  • Recipes
  • Gift Box

Lacto-fermentation in three easy steps with this kit!

1) Add chopped produce to the wide mouth mason jar.

2) Pour salt-water solution over the produce.

3) Attach FARMcurious Fermentation Set and set it on your counter for 3-6 weeks!

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