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A hands-on private workshop is a unique option for a fun, engaging event for your friends, family, club members, or employees. We can work with you to create a customized experience for your specific group or event. 

You can come to our space at 825 Bancroft in Berkeley, CA or we'd be happy to come to you!

Some of our most popular options include:

Three Cheeses in Three Hours 

Your group will enter the room to find a relaxed environment with fresh chèvre and (optional) sparkling wine selected specifically to pair with the cheese. They can snack on cheese as they settle in then they’ll learn to make it!
The first part of the workshop is the goat cheese demonstration, which is done as a larger group in a time-lapse style and is the only portion of the class that is not hands-on.
Next the group will break into mini-groups of 4-6 people and we’ll work as a room together as each mini-group turns their gallon of milk into delicious mozzarella and burrata by the end of the workshop.
Near the end of the class we’ll refresh everyone with a chocolate treat, delightfully paired with the fresh chèvre we just created and send them home with mozzarella and burrata in their mouths and their memories!
Crafting Brie & Camembert at Home
In this class we jump right in and start heating and culturing milk while exploring the fantastic science behind cheesemaking. While we wait for the curd to set, we spend a truly decadent hour sampling a collection of exquisite bries with velvety wine. Experience the variety available in this one cheese - from ash rinds to added ingredients like herbs or mushrooms, to using different milks like goat, sheep, or cow - there's so much to taste! 
We'll even teach you how to schedule brie making into your busy life.

Flip through our virtual catalog to get inspired. 

Call or email us for more details, pricing, and booking: 

510.877.9955 or

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