Plant Nanny Recycle-a-Wine-Bottle Waterer
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$ 8.00

You meant well when you bought that houseplant, but despite your best efforts you just couldn’t remember to water the poor thing.  Your salvation is here and like many wonderful things it kills two birds with one stone by keeping a wine bottle out of the recycling bin.

Simply bury the clay stake in your pot’s soil leaving just the opening above the soil.  Then, fill an empty wine bottle or other glass bottle (champagne, beer, Orangina, Perrier) with water and tip it upside down into the stake.  Your indoor plant will drink happily for weeks - outdoor potted plants might just survive your vacation this year.

Bonus!  What better way to remember the name of the superb wine you can never remember to buy?

An adorable gift idea: One of our customers suggested that bringing a Plant Nanny along with a full bottle of wine to a dinner party would make a sweet and classy host/hostess gift. "First we drink, then the plants do."

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