Penicilium Candidum ABL
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ABL is a traditional strain of Penicillium candidum, ideal for thin rinds in bloomy-rinded cheeses like Brie and Camembert. It can be used on its own or combined with other Penicillium Candidum strains to create even more unique flavors. 

This packet will yield approximately 300 Camembert or Baby-Brie bloomy-rinded cheeses.

Each strain will offer a slightly different flavor profile.

With this culture you may also need to use Geotrichum Candidum. Use 1/32nd-1/16th tsp.(.14g-.07g) for 1-5 gal.(3.75liters-19 liters) of milk.

You can innoculate the milk by adding the culture directly to the milk or spray the mold directly onto your cheese.

The ABL strain has low-to-medium proteolytic activity and medium-to-high lipolytic activity, meaning the proteins will break down a little more slowly, creating a firmer cheese, which the fats will break down somewhat more rapidly, creating a rich flavor profile.

Strain     Proteolytic Activity     Lipolytic Activity    Fatty Acids
ABL ** *** ***
HP 6 **** *** *
Sam 3 **** **** *

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