The Gift of Cheese - our most popular class with a discounted cheesemaking kit!
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$ 175.00 $ 185.75

A mozzarella making kit to give now and the promise of our most popular cheesemaking class to take at their convenience. The gift that keeps on giving!

When you're a passionate cheese eater (and who isn't really?), it's a pretty quick journey to becoming an enthusiastic cheese maker! If you're looking for a unique gift for your curd-loving friend, look no further.

This cheesy gift is a two-parter: we'll send you a Mozzarella making kit to give to your loved one now AND you'll get a gift certificate (or two!) redeemable for a ticket to our amazing Three Cheeses In Three Hours class in Berkeley, California. The classes are offered regularly so your gift recipient will have plenty of options to enjoy your gift in the months to come!

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