Fermented Beverages Kit

$ 60.00

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Do you love bubbly, effervescent drinks but want something more healthful than soda? Are you a home brewer and want to expand into some non-alcoholic options? Want to stop paying so much for your daily bottle of kombucha?

This kit gives you everything you need to delve into the world of fermented beverages. Make homemade soda from the bounty of your fruit trees (or your local farmers market), flavor your kombucha any way you like, and explore the delicious world of probiotic kefirs. 

Kit includes:

-1 Kombucha culture

-1 packet Kefir grains (choose grains for either milk or water kefir)

-1 packet Champagne yeasts for soda-making

-1 copy of True Brews, an excellent manual that covers in depth how to make kombucha, kefir, and soda, as well as all your favorite adult beverages--wine, beer, hard cider, sake, and mead

-1 Grolsch flip-top bottle

Stay tuned for an upcoming class on Fermented Beverages!

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