BeeWorks Bee Hut Kit

$ 49.00

Everything you need to get started keeping Mason bees!  These native bees will amuse and educate you while pollinating your garden.


--Bee Hut

--Nesting Materials:

  • 25 Spring Mason Bee EasyTear tubes
  • 25 Summer Mason Bee EasyTear tubes

--Complete Bee Accessories:

  • BeeGuardian: fine mesh bag for protecting developing cocoons
  • HumidiBee: humidifier for overwintering hibernating cocoons
  • InvitaBee Plus: exclusive natural scent bee attractant
  • Mason Bee Mud Mix: dry powdered clay additive

--Instruction Booklet

--10% discount coupon for bees from

Mason bee cocoons shipped Nov 1-April 15, and Leafcutters shipped May 1-August 15. Coupon does not expire.

Kits are not available for FL, AK, HI and southern portions of LA, MS, AL because conditions are too humid for bees to thrive.

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