Pick up a new skill at FARMcurious Hands-on Workshops and Classes plus new virtual workshops. From cheesemaking to fermentation, charcuterie and gardening, we're your source for science-based culinary 'edutainment'.

Virtual classes are held online. In-person classes are held primarily at 825 Bancroft Way in Berkeley, California with monthly events at the Castro Valley Marketplace in Castro Valley, CA. Double-check the event you're booking for details.

We're available for private events virtually or in-person. Call or email Nicole at 510-877-9955 or

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Holiday Party & Gift Market, Dec 15, 2019; 4-7pm

Free family-friendly mini workshops and the most interesting holiday shopping for the cheese-lover, DIYer, and experience enthusiast on your list.

$ 5.00

Craft Your Own Driftwood Succulent Planter

Driftwood succulent planters are living creations that make beautiful adornments, centerpieces, or gifts. In this hands-on 90 minute workshop, Crystal Maglio, owner of Dogwood Planters, will walk you through creating a unique planter using driftwood and succulent cuttings of your choosing.

$ 65.00

An Alpine Cheese Party - Learn about our upcoming trip to the Alps!

Enjoy some Alpine cheese and wine with us while you learn about our upcoming trip to the Swiss & French Alps! Maybe you'll join us to celebrate our 10 year anniversary Aug 6-Sept 26! Receive a $10 FARMcurious gift card upon arrival!

$ 5.00

Free Video Instructional - Making Crème Fraîche at Home

Learn to make crème fraîche with FARMcurious. We walk you through each step, including important facts about ingredients, interesting cheese science, plus tips and tricks.

From $ 1.00

Making Fresh Cheese with FARMcurious and the Barnard Club of Northern California - Thur, April 8, 2021 - 6pm

This is a private event intended exclusively for the Barnard Club of Northern California. Learn to make easy fresh chèvre (goat cheese) and fromage blanc (creamy, fresh cow's milk cheese) from an American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional in this fun, science-centric workshop! Thurs, April 8, 2021 6-7pm pacific

$ 44.00

Crafting Brie & Camembert at Home

Brie seems like the type of cheese that would be made by magical little elves in France. But it's actually one of the easiest cheeses to make at home with little to no special equipment required!

$ 145.00 Unavailable

Iron Chèvre - Goat Cheese Making & Pairing Event - Sun, July 11, 2021

Learn to make one of the easiest cheeses around (fresh goat cheese) and then try your hand at pairing it with a vast array of fun ingredients we supply to create the perfect bite.

$ 95.00 Unavailable