The FARMcurious Store carries books for every DIY, kitchen, garden and homestead enthusiast.

Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey

Detailed instructions on how to ferment almost any vegetable. Some of our favorites include fermented red onions, carrots, and dilly beans!

$ 24.95

The Big Book of Kombucha - Book by Hannah Crum & Alex LaGory

Everything you need to know about brewing kombucha at home from tea to scoby. Find your new favorite kombucha recipe in this comprehensive book!

$ 24.95

The Hands-On Home - Book by Erica Strauss

Erica Strauss teaches you how to organize your home in a way that's holistic and easy.

$ 35.00

Kitchen Creamery - Book by Louella Hill

From Louella Hill, The San Francisco Milk Maid (and teacher of our Brie making class!) comes this great new book for every cheesemaker and dairy lover.

$ 29.95

Ferment Your Vegetables - Book by Amanda Feifer

Great recipes and inspiration for the both first-timer and the seasoned veteran of fermented foods.

$ 24.99 Unavailable

Wild Cocktails from the Midnight Apothecary - Book by Lottie Muir

100 cocktail recipes featuring herbs, flowers and fruits that come straight from the garden!

$ 24.95 Unavailable

Ball Complete Book Of Home Preserving

The classic all-inclusive canner's Bible.

$ 14.98

Drink the Harvest - Book by Nan K. Chase and DeNeice C. Guest

Your backyard harvest can yield delicious, refreshing, unique beverages too!

$ 18.95 Unavailable

Groundbreaking Food Gardens - Book by Niki Jabbour

This book profiles creative and unique gardens that are fun, productive, and perfectly suited to their gardeners!

$ 19.95

Herbal Vinegar - Book by Maggie Oster

You'll be amazed at how many uses there are for your homemade, flavored vinegars!

$ 14.95

Home Cheesemaking Book by Ricki Carroll

Learn to make artisanal cheeses and dairy products in your home kitchen!

$ 16.95 Unavailable