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Red Egg Skelter – Sorts your farm fresh eggs for you!

Never forget which of your backyard or farm eggs are freshest again! The egg skelter is a unique storage holder that beautifully displays your backyard eggs. Load from the top and eggs will be placed in order of freshness. Featured as a Cooking Light Editor’s Pick for April 2012!

The glories and the trials of farm-fresh eggs

It’s indisputable that free-range and farm-fresh are the best type of egg you will ever eat.  With their steep, rich yolks, orange as a midwestern sunrise and their thick whites that don’t run across the pan, they astonish the newly indoctrinated.  The variety of colors heritage breeds lay can take your breath away before you’ve… more

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How to peel a farm-fresh egg

Have you ever tried to peel a super-fresh egg straight from the backyard or farm and found yourself hovering over a piled of shredded egg pieces wondering what went wrong? Yeah, me too.  I suspect all us backyard chicken-tenders have.  Lucky you, I’m about to blow your mind with a little-known trick for peeling the… more

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