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Fermenting Set - 2 zinc

FARMcurious Brings Home Fermenting to The Masses with Kickstarter Project

FARMcurious Brings Home Fermenting to The Masses with Kickstarter Project Oakland-based food startup simplifies the fermentation process for urban homesteaders Oakland, CA – April 16, 2014 — FARMcurious, an Oakland-based company, announced today the launch of a Kickstarter project bringing home fermenting to a larger market through innovative design and delicious new recipe collections. The… more

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A Fermentation Primer

Fermentation is an age-old practice that may date back to as many as 12,000 years ago during the Paleolithic period. That said, it’s a practice that holds as much value today as it did thousands of years ago.  Not only is fermentation a time-honored way to preserve the harvest or create a mind-altering beverage, it’s… more

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How to make sauerkraut

Fermenting cabbage into a cultural delicacy such as sauerkraut or kimchi is an age-old practice that is still appreciated today; indeed is experiencing a renaissance of sorts.   The good folks at Cultured in Berkeley plus the popularity of a class we’re teaching at Workshop in SF on April 28 can attest to this new-found love… more

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Jeremy Ogusky, our favorite new artist

We’re proud to introduce an exciting new partnership with Jeremy Ogusky, potter extraordinaire!  Jeremy is making the most beautiful fermenting crock I have ever seen and FARMcurious is lucky enough to be able to carry it for him.  If you think the crock is gorgeous in the photos, just wait until you see it in… more

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Kefir Starter Culture – 2 packets

Kefir has been called the “champagne of dairy products.” This kefir produces a rich, creamy drink with a bubbly effervescence which may be sweetened with honey or maple syrup to produce a refreshing and nutritious dairy treat. This culture can be used with cow, soy or goat milk and may be re-cultured. This culture can… more

Bulgarian Yogurt Culture – 1 packet

CULTURE INCLUDES: Contains live cultures s.thermophilus, l.bulgaricus, skim milk and/or lactose, lactic cultures, ascorbic acid. YIELD: Each packet will set as little as 1 quart to as much as 1 gallon of milk. We usually do 2 quarts and it comes out great!!! DIRECTIONS: Heat 1-2qts milk to 180ºF and cool to 105-115ºF. Pour into… more