Vinegar-Making Kit with French Oak Barrel & Mother

$ 245.00

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A beautiful kit for the home vinegar-maker - great for both beginners and advanced home artisans.  This kit includes a gorgeous oak barrel from France which is lightly waxed inside to avoid allowing your vinegar to become over-oaked.  Because of its unique shape and open top with lid, cleaning the barrel is incredibly simple.  There is also a spigot near the bottom for pouring your completed vinegar into bottles for storage. The ideal vinegar barrel.

Kit includes:

  • French oak barrel
  • One 12 oz jar of red wine vinegar mother (starter)

Just add a bottle of wine and water and you'll never buy vinegar from the store again!


3L - 9 1/2" high by 8 1/2" wide at base (currently unavailable)

6L - 10 1/4" high by 10" wide at base

10L - 13" high by 11" wide at base

** PLEASE NOTE: Sets with vinegar barrels are not eligible for free shipping offers because of their weight & size.**

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