Veggie Bed Produce Holder

$ 5.00 $ 8.99

Introducing the VeggieBed reusable produce bag system. It was designed so you never have to tear off a throw-away plastic bag again while shopping for produce.

We were tired of ripping off a new, throw-away plastic bag every time we bought green beans or broccoli. Aren’t you? Like many of our friends, we were using reusable bags at the check-out stand, but still using plastic bags in the produce department. It seemed silly, but there weren’t any good solutions available. So someone created one: the VeggieBed!

Designed to sit perfectly on the child seat or in the base of your grocery cart, your produce is protected and organized. Your grocer will adjust for the weight of the bag at checkout and you bring home fresh produce without contributing a single plastic bag to landfill. Also works great to hold your home-grown veggies as you harvest them in your garden.

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