Two Ply Cheese Wrap for Mold Ripened Cheese

$ 7.50

Have you taken one of our cheese making classes and are now exploring cheese making on your own? These wraps are a great way to encourage bloom and proper moisture while your cheese ages. 

This paper has 2 layers: the inner cheese layer is a thin, white, parrafin coated parchment paper that's bonded to a 20 micron opaque, white, micro-perforated, Polypropylene outer layer.

The inner layer pulls moisture away from the surface of the cheese. The paraffin coating prevents candidum mold from growing into the paper (which would otherwise tear the cheese's surface when you opened it). The outer layer allows gases in and out while controlling moisture loss, allowing the white mold to stay active. 

To use: Wrap the paper around the cheese, making sure that the dull, parchment side is towards the cheese. Age and store as recommended in recipe.

Each cheese paper measures 6.3"x6.3"

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