Stylish Cheese Stretching Gloves

$ 15.00

Form fitting waterproof gloves with added dexterity for stretching that perfect mozzarella. Protect your fingertips from hot cheese and look good doing it! These gloves are also ideal for cleaning, dish washing, gardening, and anything else that could spoil your manicure. Long lasting constructed of high quality materials. 

All are labeled medium but there is a slight variation in size and thickness of the gloves so we've noted it below. Color options include:

  • Blue with Multi-Colored Flower Cuff (larger, and thinner)
  • Black with Cherries Cuff (smaller and thicker)
  • Orange with Purple Flower Cuff (larger and thinner)
  • Green with Green Flower Cuff (larger and thinner)
  • Pink with Green Dot Cuff (smaller and thicker)
  • Pink with Cow-Hide Print Cuff (smaller and thicker)
  • Yellow with Red Flower Cuff (smaller and thicker)
  • Yellow with Pink Flower Cuff (smaller and thicker)

Please note: while we will try our best to provide you with the cuff and color you prefer, please be aware that we may ask you for a second choice if your first is no longer available. 

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