Seedles - Herb "Thyme Bombs"

$ 10.00

Enjoy fresh mint over your vanilla ice cream, or perhaps a sprig of thyme in your soup stock. Start these Seedles in minutes and then watch them grow into a delicious and savory herb garden over the coming months.

This set includes growing instructions and 7 easy-to-grow herbs that will compliment your kitchen all growing season long. Features 7 seedballs which will sprout into Organic French Thyme, Organic Italian Oregano, Organic Bouquet Dill, Organic Moss Curled Parsley, Organic Peppermint, Organic Chives and Organic Genovese Basil. Comes with detailed growing instructions.

What are Seedles?

Seedballs are a method for distributing seeds by encasing them in nutrient rich mixture of clay and compost. This protects the seeds by preventing them from over drying, being blown away by wind or eaten by birds and rodents.

Seedballs don’t have to be started indoors. The added protection from the clay and nutrients allows for better germination and higher success rates when planting outside. Because they are encased in clay and soil, your seeds don’t get eaten by bugs, birds, or other creatures. Instead they are protected and supported as they grow up big and tall.

Why our Seedles rock … and roll.

  • Red Clay – A special red clay that feeds the seeds minerals and protects the seeds from insects and birds.
  • Compost – Three types of compost are used including worm castings, sifted compost, and beneficial bacteria infused compost.
  • Seeds – Filled with herb seeds, each seedball will grow one type of herb. You will get high germination rate seeds, which ensures your Seedles will sprout without a doubt.
  • Size – The seedballs you will get are about the size of a nickel. Many other seedballs are too big, and have too many seeds inside causing wasted seeds and too much competition between the young seedlings.
  • Hot Pepper Powder – We use hot pepper powder to prevent ants, slugs and other insects from trying to eat the seeds before they sprout. This isn’t in the coating so it’s safe for you to touch.

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