Permaculture Playing Cards

$ 21.50

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Looking for a fun way to learn or teach others about the concepts of permaculture? How about a game of Poker? These gorgeous high-quality playing cards each represent one concept behind permaculture like "Wildcrafting" or "Bugs, Weeds and Microorganisms"

54 cards of permaculture information.  Each card represents many hours of arguing over the tiniest details.

One of the questions we are asked repeatedly is "How do you tell people what permaculture is?"  If you give them a book, they might look at a few pictures.  If you send them a link to something they tend to save it for later.  The idea of the deck of cards is that they might browse it like a book - but this is all pictures and just a few words.  Much easier to browse.  And hopefully convey a bigger picture in a smaller package.

  • 52 regular playing cards, plus two jokers, plus a bonus card
  • each card has an interesting tidbit about permaculture
  • 26 cards have a name hidden on them and one card has a hidden needle
  • special markings for the suicide king and the one eyed jacks
  • Bicycle quality cards, made in the USA

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