Omega-3 Ultra Egg Supplement for Chickens

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An Omega-3 supplement to promote Omega-3 enriched eggs, support strong shells and brilliant plumage for laying hens.

•INCREASE Omega-3 levels in eggs
•SUPPORT brilliant, high-quality plumage
•IMPROVE laying rates and flock health
•PRESERVE egg flavor, aroma, and nutritional value
•ALL NATURAL without artificial preservatives
•NATURAL occurring amino acids – valuable protein building blocks
•FORMULATED with stabilized, ground, whole flaxseed high in Omega-3, folic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin B-12 using proprietary technology to maintain full nutritional value.

Proprietary milling process protects the Omega-3 oils in Omega Ultra Egg from oxidation and off-flavor development by naturally encapsulating flaxseed oils in their antioxidant-rich seed matrix. This protects feed palatability, thereby increasing feed uptake and enhancing Omega-3 incorporation into eggs.

"Feeding Omega Ultra Egg (stabilized ground flaxseed supplement) to all life stages of laying hens is recommended and safe for overall health and optimal egg production."  -- Dr. Kris Hiney, Animal Science/Animal nutrition professor, UWRF

Available in a 4.5 lb bag (approximately 3  month supply for 3 birds)

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