Kids' Gardening Kit
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Gardening is a great activity to do with your kids! With the tools in this kit, your kids can participate in the whole growing process, from seed to flower, learning the whole way. The garden is a great classroom and place to spend time together--and get a little dirty while you're at it!

Kit includes:

One 5-gallon Aerogrow Bag

The easy way to container-garden. Aerogrow bags are sturdy but lightweight, so they are easy to move (they also have handles!) and their fabric design allows for more aeration and prevents common problems associated with over-watering, rot, and root binding. You'll never go back to planting in pots!

One packet of Seedles Wildflower Seeds

 Seedles are little balls of clay, compost, and native wildflower seeds. You just throw them in the ground and watch your garden grow beautiful flowers that attract bees and butterflies!

Plant Nanny Waterer

Remembering to water your plants is hard for everyone. The Plant Nanny makes it easy--all you have to do is bury the clay   stake into the ground next to your plant, then fill a glass bottle (a great way to reuse an empty wine bottle!) with water and tip it upside down into the stake. Your plant will drink for weeks as the water slowly seeps out into the soil!

Ceramic Toadstool

  Make your garden a fun and colorful place with this cute handmade toadstool!

Add this adorable wooden seed box to make this kit complete!


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