Greek Yogurt Starter Culture

$ 15.00

A tangy, thick, and creamy yogurt that can easily be recultured. Strain the whey to get the extra-thick Greek yogurt you find in the store. For an extra indulgent treat, make with 1 part cream and 3 parts whole milk.

CULTURE INCLUDES: Organic milk, live active bacteria (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus)

YIELD: Each packet will activate 1 quart of milk.

DIRECTIONS: Heat 1 qt milk to 180ºF and cool to 105-115ºF. Pour into a thermo-like container (or Yogotherm). Add packet and mix well. Let incubate 5-7 hours or until thickened to desired consistency. For a thicker yogurt, strain out the whey. To re-culture, save 2-3 tablespoons prepared yogurt to culture your next batch. When this no longer works to culture the milk, prepare a fresh batch with a new packet of yogurt.

STORAGE: Keep packages in the freezer and use by date on box.

Includes two packets (please note the packaging has recently changed and will look differently than that in the photo.)

We also offer: Bulgarian Yogurt Culture, Viili Yogurt Culture, and Vegan Yogurt Starter

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