Glass Straw and Mason Jar Tumbler Set

$ 18.00

Did you know that every day in the US approximately 500 million straws are used and discarded?? Yikes!

This set includes a straw made from pyrex-style glass to help reduce waste while avoiding nasty chemicals found in many plastics. The bottom of the straw is flared to keep it from falling out of the grommeted top but also to protect it from breakage inside your glass. The creator of the straw stands behind its strength so firmly that he'll replace any straw you manage to break during normal use. Now that's standing behind your product.

The straw set comes in two sizes to fit your favorite mason jars:

The 8" Straw Set includes a narrow mouth grommeted lid on your choice of either a blue or green pint-sized Ball jar (or buy lid and straw separate without the jar).

The 10" Straw Set includes a wide mouth grommeted lid on a clear pint-and-a-half-sized Ball jar (or buy lid and straw separate without the jar).

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