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One Gallon Beer Making Kit pale250
One Gallon Beer Making Kit Oktoberfest250

One Gallon Beer Making Kit with Equipment & Ingredients


Equipment and ingredients to make one gallon of delicious homebrew.

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Product Description

Home brewing is all the rage and you desperately want to try it but you know you don’t want to own two 5-gallon carbuoys and a bunch of other wonky equipment.

We’ve solved that problem with this one-gallon beer kit. Just enough to give you a taste of the good stuff and decide whether you want to start the next Anchor Steam Brewery.

Choose from two different flavors – German Oktoberbest (while available) and IPA!


Kit Includes instructions, equipment and ingredients to brew a one-gallon batch!

Recipe Ingredients:

* Dried malt extract
* Barley
* Cascade Hops
* Irish Moss (with the IPA kit only)
* Brewing yeast
* Corn sugar

* Sanitizer
* PET bottles and caps
* Glass fermenter with airlock
* Siphon hose
* Grain bag

All you need is a boiling pot that will hold a gallon of water!

Check out our one-gallon ingredients-only kits after you’ve used the ingredients in this one!




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Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 12 in


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