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Hand-Thrown Compost Pail – Cobalt Blue

November 30, 2011

You know you’re doing the right thing by composting but it’s about time you do it in style.  Get that nasty used tupperware tub off your countertop and replace it with this spectacular piece of compost-collecting art.

This 7″ tall functional handmade jar to hold all your kitchen waste is earth-friendly and decor friendly as the same time!  The jar holds close to one gallon and includes a lid that fits right on top. It also has a handle made from sturdy braided wire for carrying it out when it’s full. Words on the front make its worthy purpose unmistakable with the label ‘compost’, created using vintage letterpress stamps.

Order by Dec 14th for delivery before Christmas!

Handmade by our favorite potter Jeremy Ogusky.  Read more about Jeremy and check out his other products here.


Love the style and want more?  Order a matching fermenting crock made by Jeremy Ogusky here.



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