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Going Quackers – Herding Runner Ducks

September 1, 2011


I’ve lamented plenty of times about the difficulty of finding a willing and able person to farm-sit while our modern lifestyle takes us to other exciting places.  You might have even read my last post about what has happened in the past when we left the farm for a bit.  Well, it’s happened again.  A few weekends ago, Jared and I went up north for some river rafting relaxation and after some desperate pleas for help a good friend of ours came to the rescue.

We sent a long, descriptive list of do’s, don’ts and dares and she accepted the challenge.  We warned her that the chicken door needs to be propped just so with a stick and that the ducks are stinkers to get into their house at night if it’s not quite dark yet.  She wasn’t quite prepared for the formidable challenge those quackers presented.

She generously taped her adventure so we could all laugh at her good-natured expense.  Be sure to listen with the sound on because her commentary is half the fun!

Our ducks are Indian runner ducks, after all, originally bred to train herding dogs how to do their job.  Looks like they were trying to train poor Lina to herd!  My favorite part has to be when Pato, our brown duck, jumps into the pool for a quick swim.

Do you run into any particularly trying experiences when attempting to explain to people how to care for your animals and crops while you’re away?  Please share!


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  • Haha, I love that. Love it! Yowsa, we are going out of town tomorrow–it is hard! I seriously need to start a urban farm sitting business!

  • We have simular experiances exceptour ducks (4 Pekins and a Runner Drake) roam our back 5 acres of not yet fenced pasture.
    I have learned (after 10,000. failed attempts to get our retired Scaredy-I mean Border Collie to help) that if I take a stick I can easily guide them to where I want them to go.
    If they are particularly not ready to go in I have to have my children help by slowly surronding them so the only way away is to go into the house.
    -we have yet to find anyone that will farm sit for us lol.

  • HaHaHa! I loved this! Poor Lina. I hope she got some serious compensation for this ‘farm sitting” business. Hmmmm, will she ever volunteer again?

  • Hahaha! So Funny, but poor Lina. Will she ever volunteer again?

  • Luckily, a friend took the ducks for us – after a feral cat moved in the ducks were way too noisy for our little suburban neighborhood. Now, that you mention it, Lina hasn’t volunteered to watch the farm lately…. :-)

  • By the way, a couple of people have asked me about the racist-sounding comment at the end (“I blame the black one”). The black duck was our ornery duck who never wanted to comply – that’s why she was blaming her. :-)